Electricity, electrical circuits Year 10

Electricity, electrical circuits Year 10

Electricity, electrical circuits Year 10

Series and parallel circuits. Basic notes and a quiz

Watch the video showing series and parallel circuits with two light bulbs. Read over your class notes and get help from the text book if you need to.

Series and Parallel circuits

In a series circuit the components are connected in such a way that the current flows from one component to the other all the way round the circuit. In a parallel circuit the current branches and can follow more than one pathway

  • What happens in a series circuit when a bulb is removed?
  • What happens in a parallel circuit when a bulb is removed?
  • Think about the brightness of the bulbs

then try the quiz. Make sure you click the submit button when you finish. Finally, the video is very boring. Make your own video to demonstrate the difference between series and parallel circuits

Series and Parallel Circuit Quiz

Series and Parallel Circuits for experts.

Year 10 Exam revision…a quick way to revise.

Your Science Exam for 2015 will take place during class time on Thursday and Friday. You will need to revise topics covered during the year. To begin with please familiarise yourself with the content from the Moving About, Structure of Matter and Electricity topics.

  • Look at the tests. These are the papers you completed earlier in the year.
  • Check that you are familiar with the material and can answer the questions by looking at the mark schedules.
  • Come prepared to ask for help with any aspects of the topics you need help with.

10.1C Moving About – Topic Test

10.1C Moving About – Topic Test 10.1D Moving About – Test Schedule

10.3C Structure of Matter – Test 2015

10.3D Structure of Matter – Test Scedule

10.3CC TT Table of ions for structure of matter

10.5d Topic Test Electricity 2014 10.5e Topic Test schedule Electricity 2014

10.5e Topic Test schedule Electricity 2014

I will put the other topics up tomorrow. There will be a revision/help session during lunch tomorrow Tuesday. I recommend you attend.

Earth Science year 10

Revise work we have covered in class then do the test. It is auto grading so you should receive feedback when you submit. (Intended for RBHS students but feel free to use the test)

When you do the test please put your first and second names in the NAME field (no fictional names)

Test your understanding of this topic so far

Year 10 2013 end of year exam revision

The end of year exams are looming. It is important that you finish the year strongly and don’t switch off early. Read through the notes and watch the videos on acids and bases before attempting the questions at the end

We have studied the reactions of acids with:

  • bases
  • metals
  • carbonates

We have used word equations to produce fully balanced chemical equations in three steps. For a little more information on this process have a look at this post about the space shuttle being blasted into orbit on the back of  a huge pop test.

the basic word equations we use are:

acid     +     base                      —–>     salt     +     water

acid     +     metal                    —–>     salt     +     hydrogen

Acid     +    carbonate               —–>    salt      +     carbon dioxide     +      water

Use these word equations to answer the questions below.

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