Year 13 Chemistry exam revision, AS90698 L3 organic 2011

Tackle the 2011 organic paper then check with assessment schedule . Make sure that you see me about any problems with the paper. Make an appointment for extra help if required.  

2011 90698 organic paper 90698-exm-2011

2011 90698 organic paper assessment schedule 90698-ass-2011

Youtube videos to help with revision

optical isomers

naming organic molecules revision

functional groups in organic chemistry

optical and geometric isomers



good luck







Predicting whether a precipitate will form.


Head up homework with the date. Copy the table below into your book. Imagine mixing a solution from the left hand column with a solution from the top row. If a precipitate forms when the solutions are mixed write the name of the precipitate on the grid. If no precipitate results write “no precipitate” on the grid.
Use the solubility rules from your book or from the previous post.


The first example is done for you:

mixing copper nitrate and sodium hydroxide solutions.

step 1 write the word equation and switch the names around

copper nitrate + sodium hydroxide ——-> copper hydroxide + sodium nitrate.

Step 2 are any of the products insoluble

All hydroxides apart from sodium and potassium are water insoluble. Copper hydroxide is insoluble and a precipitate is formed.

write on the grid in the first space copper hydroxide precipitates.

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