Electricity, electrical circuits Year 10

Series and parallel circuits. Basic notes and a quiz

Watch the video showing series and parallel circuits with two light bulbs. Read over your class notes and get help from the text book if you need to.

Series and Parallel circuits

In a series circuit the components are connected in such a way that the current flows from one component to the other all the way round the circuit. In a parallel circuit the current branches and can follow more than one pathway

  • What happens in a series circuit when a bulb is removed?
  • What happens in a parallel circuit when a bulb is removed?
  • Think about the brightness of the bulbs

then try the quiz. Make sure you click the submit button when you finish. Finally, the video is very boring. Make your own video to demonstrate the difference between series and parallel circuits

Series and Parallel Circuit Quiz

Series and Parallel Circuits for experts.

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