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Rhyolite domes in the Taupo Volcanic Zone: Ngongotaha

Ngongotaha and rhyollite dome formation. Spherulitic obsidian obsidian outcrops along Mountain Road on the way up to the restaurant.  

AS 91189 Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality.

AS 91189 Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand. 132,000 years of violent volcanic activity then they built Ash Pit Road. The Prezi shows Tephra deposited from multiple eruptions in the Taupo volcanic Zone.The history of the area is written in layers of ash...

Plate tectonics year 11 2017

Use some of the information here to help with your internal assessment. A useful resource for the Tarawera eruption. Download The Okataina Volcanic Complex...

Intra Plate Volcanics, Hot Spots

A sunny ferry trip to Rangitoto Island A broad gently sloping cone. Rangitoto is a shield volcano formed from fluid lava flows Where does all that basalt come from? .....mid ocean ridges ridges to begin with then it is subducted under the east coast of trhe North...

Year 10, Elements and the periodic Table, review of work from last year

Work through The Introduction to the Periodic Table Prezi then check your understanding using the auto graded test. The test asks for an email address. Complete this field if you want feedback on the questions you answered correctly. When you click submit at the end...
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