Nga Tapuwai o Mataoho, footprints of Mataoho. Mangere Mountain

Mangere Mountain has a number of important features for Auckland Volcanic Field geeks to get excited about.

  • the shape of the scoria cone (steep sided compared with Rangitoto a shield volcano where the molten basalt flowed freely without a high gas content.)
  • major landsape features and processes (explosion crater, large southern cone with a smaller cone to the north)
    Other landscape features including a breach on the eastern side of the southern cone that allowed basalt to flow freely where the football fields are now. Another minor breach that local Maori had to fortify to prevent incursions by unwelcome guests
  • Assorted lava bombs and evidence of fire fountaining as volcanic activity waned
  • Human impact through stone gardens, kumara pits. There was substantial quarying as durable basalt and scoria were removed for building purposes.

The mountain is still there but the Greenbay High School students who went on this trip have now moved onwards upwards and sideways

Mangere Mountain field trip 2011 from john west on Vimeo.

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