We have used a lot of terms in the study of ecology. Watch the short video on niche and communities then read over the glossary of other terms. Try the test at the end. Chose a word from a list beside each question that best fits the description.


Brief glossary of other terms you have met:

  • Communities: all organisms found in a particular area
  • Scavengers: 
  • Ecology:The study of relationships between organisms
  • Herbivores: Eat plants only
  • Adaptations: features of a species which enable members to survive and produce offspring
  • Carnivores: eat animals only
  • Decomposers. Organisms such as bacteria which break down dead bodies of other organisms
  • Parasites: Feed off living organisms
  • Ecosystems; Study of interactions between the community and the physical environment. Focus on energy flow
  • Population: The study of groups of organisms belonging to the same species, e.g.the brown crabs in the mangroves at Rutherford
  • Consumers: Eat other organisms
  • Environment: Factors which can affect a species, physical and biotic.
  • Omnivores eat plants and animals.


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