You have a test tomorrow. You don’t want to meet Mr Grumpy on monday so do some revision either from your book or look at the material here.

First some acid base revision questions

Look over this stuff on neutralisation reactions. There are work through questions on word equations along with video clips of you making a salt copper sulphate in the lab.

Finally have a look at this video. Revise how to name ionic compounds and more importantly write their chemical formula correctly. If you are a complete Numpty and can’t quite get the formula writing thing then have a go at the idiot proof cross-over rule.

And…… don’t forget to look over the factors that affect rate of reaction. Go into the test with key phrases needed to explain rate of reaction using particle theory. Particles must collide before they can react…..then explain how to alter the rate of these collisions in terms of:

  • concentration of reactants
  • Temperature
  • particle size and surface are
  • Catalysts and activation energy

Also check out what happens when atoms react to form ions in a previous post. Sodium and chlorine reacting to form sodium chloride

good luck

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