This annual competition is a problem solving team event for secondary Physics and Mathematics students.

It is organised by the department of engineering science at Auckland university. Teams consist of four year 12/13 students. Bonita Menezes organised and entered two teams from Green Bay  High School and Mike Reynolds was on hand to help out with maths issues.

The  competition ran last saturday, from 8am to 5pm. The competition question was “How much fuel is required for a manned mission to Mars?”

The ideal skill set of an Engineering Science student includes

–         logical and analytical thinking, strong mathematics/physics background: Skills that help develop mathematical models of real-life applications.

–         computer affinity: Most  models can only be solved and analysed with the help of computers.

–         strong communication skills.

The Problem



Green Bay High School Mathematics and Physics geeks enjoying themselves last saturday

For more aspects of engineering as a career look at conspiracy theories and 9/11  and young engineers visiting Green Bay.

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