Last year’s structure and bonding ‘Oscars” competition produced some excellent results. The task is similar again this year.

You have to prepare a brief video that will explain to your peers why it is that ionic compounds will conduct electricity when they are either in a molten state or in aqueous solution. Your video could be a demonstration/presentation or perhaps you can think of other ways that the concepts involved could be explained.

Equipment available:

  1. power supply
  2. beakers
  3. ionic compounds such as salt, copper chloride
  4. light bulbs

The videos will be judged on the following points.

  • Ionic compounds have the ability to conduct electricity in the molten state. This must be clearly illustrated and explained
  •  Ionic compounds can conduct electricity in  aqueous solution. Again a clear illustration and explanation is necessary
  • other points to cover include the solubility of ionic compounds in aqueous solution and any chemical reactions that occur when electrolysis is taking place. Electrodes.

You can work in Groups, a maximum of four.

Finally the group with the best video presentation get to keep “”Oscar” this year. This is an opportunity to produce a learning experience that is both informative and entertaining.

The challenge: Last years sixth form were a truly talented bunch of students, can you improve on their performance?

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