The 21st century secondary teacher has still to emerge. The demands on time made by NCEA marking and moderation make it very difficult to adequately reflect on exciting new developments in education.

It is easy to understand why we have missed a revolution.

Mark Treadwell has been banging on at primary and intermediate teachers with a lot of success about dramatic changes to the education paradigm.¬† The so called book paradigm is dead, the “upper limit hypothesis” has been validated.

Wait a minute, if there has been a revolution, who is in control now? Well actually the students are and they are quite polite about it, just ask them to get your projector working or download youtube videos onto your desktop.

Yep all that 2.0 malarkey is here. Ewen McIntosh was very interesting at Ulearn but we probably need some professional development from students. Read the Bass Players tale on the Base Player’s Blog before the next staff meeting or PD.

We are an aging profession but we have the experience and passion………we just need the technology and time to sit down and reflect with each other.

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