Forces and acceleration (1)

Top Gear and the Vampire, the ultimate acceleration on four wheels

…..and now the maths and science.

Vampire: technical information
estimated top speed; 370 mph
acceleration 0 to 272 mph in 6 seconds
engine; Rolls Royce Orpheus.
fuel economy: 7-10gallons per mile
Weight 2,200lbs(998Kg)
length 30 feet (9.14m)

Challenge: apply your science with some mathematics

Apply the science you have been studying to answer questions abouth the vanpire. Click on the comments button at the foot of this post and leave your answers.

The first 6 mostly correct answers  will receive a mars bar (year 11 students or younger)

  1. calculate the top speed in metres per second
  2. calculate the acceleration in metres per second per second
  3. The acceleration is produced by an unbalanced force. Calculate the thrust produced by the Rolls Royce Orpheus engine for this unbalanced force.
  4. Why is the thrust produced by the engine actually much greater?
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