Acids and bases AS90944 revision part 2

We are working through a practise paper from the Ministry website

You should have completed question 1 last night. Do question 2 tonight. See last night’s post for instructions on how to hand this work in.

Also revise writing chemical formulae, word equations, fully balanced chemical equations and the reactions of acids and bases by watching the embeded videos below. They are based on lessons and lesson notes I did with you earlier in the year. There is video of practical work you carried out when you were making salts by neutralising acids with bases.

Ions, ionic compounds, word equations and fully balanced chemical equations.

Neutralisation reactions and practical work you carried out. Acids bases and salts.

Acids and bases AS90944 year 11 revision.


End of term exams are looming. We revised the atomic structure aspects of this topic in class today and you may choose how you do your exam revision homework.

1) Print the practise test paper out at home and answer the questions on the printout

2) Download the practise paper onto your computer and answer the questions separately on your own paper.

3) Flick through the practise paper questions on the blog and answer them on your own paper.


Practise paper

Atoms and atomic structure

A look at the periodic table


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