Futureintech: successful young engineers visit Green Bay

Angela Hart the Futureintech facilitator for Central and West Auckland visited the School this week with a team of young engineers to talk to year 11 science students about geological sciences.


Ana Petaia is an engineering Geologist. Ana reckons Geology is a great career for girls because she gets the boys to do all the heavy rock lifting while she has a coffee. No two days are the same and there is no fixed routine in her life. She does consultancy work as well.


Amelia Fillion has travelled extensively and is currently a Senior Civil Engineer. She is tunneling through hillsides making motorways and supervising other major projects at the moment. She is also studying for further qualifications. You never stop learning!


James Beaumont is a Project Geotechnical engineer. He has been working in Tonga recently building a new jetty for large cruise ships. He brought core drilling samples to the seminar. Maths is very important to scientists. James pointed out that “it is the language we use to describe how things work in our everyday lives.

The team stressed the importance of considering subject choice carefully. The careers department can assist you here. Go and talk to them!

Engineering is fun………but first you need to work hard towards level 1 science.

Futureintech will return to school shortly to address sixth form chemistry students.


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