NCEA Level 2 Chemistry

Here are links to posts on this blog you might find useful with your level 2 Chemistry studies. From time to time I will post material that will complement your workbook and Best Choice material. I will often ask for feedback through google docs forms on your progress and areas where you may need assistance. The blog and associated wikis allow me to personalise your learning experience to some degree.

Level 2 Chemistry: get to know your course

AS 91164 Structure bonding properties thermochemistry: Introduction

AS 91164 Structure and bonding: electronegativity

As 91164 Structure bonding properties and thermochemistry: Polar and non polar molecules

AS 91164 Structure and bonding properties and thermochemistry:Dissolving in polar and non polar solvents

AS 91164 Structure and bonding properties and thermochemistry; Practice question 1 Quartz and Zinc

AS 91164 Structure and bonding properties and thermochemistry: Practise question 2 Diamond and graphite.



Year 11 Science

Here are links to posts on this course.

  1. level-1-science-as-90940-aspects-of-mechanics-basic speed calculations Homework
  2.  level 1 science as 90940 aspects of mechanics rearranging-equations with three variables in them Homework
  3. Bend it like Beckham Curl it like Carlos AS 90940. Extension work forces acting on a ball in flight.
  4. Level 1 Science AS 90940 Mechanics: Speed and acceleration Homework
  5. Level 1 Science AS90940 Mechanics:Speed and acceleration (2) Homework
  6. Level 1 science 90940 aspects of mechanics: balanced and unbalanced forces, force mass and acceleration. Homework
  7. Level 1 science As90940 Mechanics. balanced unbalanced forces force mass and acceleration, The bloodhound project.  extension work



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