Level 1 Science As 90940 Aspects of Mechanics: Basic speed calculations

Here are the bullet points from the achievement standard that tell us what work we have to cover in distance and speed calculations.

Aspects of mechanics will be limited to a selection from the following:
Distance, speed, interpretation of distance and speed time graphs, average acceleration and deceleration in the context of everyday experiences such as journeys, sport, getting going. The relationships v = Δd/Δt. a=Δv/Δt.
• Mass, weight and the acceleration due to gravity, balanced and unbalanced forces, in the context of everyday experiences such as being stationary, moving at constant speed, accelerating. The relationship Fnet = ma.
• Force and pressure in the context of everyday experiences. The relationship P = F/A.
• Work and power, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, and the conservation of mechanical energy in free fall situations in the context of everyday experiences such as sports performance, dropping things, tossing balls. The relationships ΔEP = mgΔh EK = 1/2mv2 W = Fd P = W/t.


Tackle the worksheet on basic speed calculations. You need to be confident of this before you go any further.

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