Its Physics jim but not as we know it…..Rainbows End 2009

klingon craftPhysics can be truly weird and often counter intuitive. Everyone will be familiar with the reference to Star Trek in the title of this post and be aware that  Klingons are very nasty extra terrestrials.

It turns out that Physics is stranger than fiction and Newtonian mechanics which describe the world around us (speed =distance/time for example) become hopelessly inadequate as you approach the speed of light. Einsteins Theory of General Relativity predicts time dilation or stretching. If you take a summer holiday on a beach  near a black hole, time is dilated and the vacation lasts longer. As a consequence you return younger than friends who stayed at home using botox to slow  ageing. G P satellites  take time dilation into account when they compute accurate positions. Strange but true.


Ye canna change the laws of physics, laws of physics Jim


The laws of physics at Rainbows end…….. feel the force

…….and finally the worksheet for anyone who has lost the original. Eric and Bonita would appreciate feedback on the field trip. Any questions?

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