Series and Parallel circuits

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First, a very boring movie clip illustrating circuits that have been connected in series and parallel. It shows some differences between the two. There are similarities between the circuits also.

Have a look at the worksheet, draw up a Venn diagram and identify the similarities and differences between the two types of circuit:

View more presentations from johnwest.

Check out a possible set of answers:

The Challenge:

Use the knowledge you have gained in this topic and plan a video that will help next years class to learn about series and parallel circuits.

Your video should contain reference to as many of the similarities and difference you have learned about.

  • It must be informative
  • It should grab the viewers attention
  • It could involve a student┬ádemonstration (but only if you don’t mind being on YouTube)
  • The movie may be a sequence of slides, you could use Animoto but see me first.
  • It could be humorous
  • It could be planned inside the classroom and the movie shot as homework at home

You will need a camera that can take short video clips. If you use a mobile phone you need to be able to upload for editing. Get creative. Scientists are artists who really understand their medium.

You can work in groups of a maximum of four

Good luck

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