Glen Eden intermediate visit: Properties of liquids

A bunch of very talented young scientists from Glen Eden Intermediate came along to the labs to do some investigations into the properties of liquids. They brought with them samples of work from a previous visit which were outstanding.

Not content to talk about the science of liquids there were also discussions around the Hadron Collider and the search for the mysterious Higgs Boson. Graham, a dad who always comes along to these sessions  talked about Nikola Tesla a Hungarian inventor, mechanical and electrical engineer.  A former student of Green Bay built a working Tesla coil as a project, This equipment generates the huge lightening bolts that bring Frankenstein to life in horror movies. Tesla coils are notoriously difficult to construct as the physics is so complex.

Anyway students investigated:

  • the particle nature of liquids
  • what happens when liquids boil
  • liquids that don’t mix
  • emulsions
  • and finally made a cold cream


Here is the worksheet if you want to do any more work

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Glen Eden Intermediate takes off

Glen Eden Intermediate students visited Green Bay to investigate the Physics behind flight.

If you want photos for projects you are doing on this topic click on the link to flickr. Once there chose a photo and right click on it, you can then copy or save the image to your desktop.

If you want the slideshow click on the share button.


The Science


Watch the video of a Boeing 767 take off.

How did the wing shape change during take off?
Why do you think this was?

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on your visit. It was great fun having so many keen young scientists in the lab and we look forward to another visit.

What would you like to do next time?

Intermediate school students visit

About thirty students from Glen Eden Intermediate visited the science department on wednesday. They did some experiments on chemicals found at home.

They tested to see whether they were acids or bases and noted the pH values.

They worked really hard and are welcome to return for another visit later this year. Well done guys.

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