Homework Part 1:The Effect of a catalyst.

Reactive metals will dissolve in mineral acids (sulphuric, nitric, hydrochloric) to produce a salt and hydrogen gas.

Watch the video of the experiment you carried out last lesson and do an experimental write up under these headings.



Diagrams (neat and labelled)

Method : bullet points giving clear instructions so that someone else could come along and repeat your experiment


Discussion : What is the role of a catalyst and why were copper shavings placed in a test tube with acid before adding the zinc?


Homework Part 2. Acid and metal word equations.

In the video we saw that reactive metals dissolved in mineral acids to form a salt and release hydrogen gas.

Copy down these word equations after your experimental write up and complete them The first one has been done for you.

Zinc      +      sulphuric acid     —–>     zinc sulphate      +     Hydrogen

Zinc     +     nitric acid           —–>     

Magnesium     +     hydrochloric acid     —–>

Iron      +      sulphuric acid     —–>

Aluminium     +     nitric acid     —–>

Copper     +     hydrochloric acid     —–>


Homework part 3: describe carefully how you would test for hydrogen gas

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