Welcome to Rutherford College Level 2 Chemistry. There are a number of behaviours and habits that will lead to success in your studies.

  1. Good attendance.
  2. Purchase your course workbook as soon as you can. If you fall behind with work it becomes increasingly difficult to catch up
  3. Having paid for your workbook don’t leave it gathering dust in your bedroom. Complete all the exercises set. Work completion is the the most effective habit you can adopt. Work completion will guarantee success.
  4. The Chemistry Department has purchased a license for Best Choice. The e-learning interactive tutorials will supplement your school learning and give you immediate feedback on your progress. Again completion of  set online work using this resource is crucial if you want to achieve top grades.
  5. Finally there is help if you begin to find it all a bit tough. There will be tutorials before school every Friday if you need assistance with coursework or want extension exercises to help you achieve credits at the excellence level.

The programme.

Flick through the presentation to discover the what and the when of the course.


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