Homework exercise in preparation for the internally assessed achievement standard AS 90954 Demonstrate understanding of the effects of astronomical cycles on planet Earth.

Produce a report in two parts.

Part 1

Describe in detail using information, visual representations, and data the astronomical cycles listed below.

  • Spin of the earth on its axis
  • Orbit of the earth around the sun.
  • Effect of the Earth’s tilt and the heating effect of the Sun.

Part 2

Describe in detail using information diagrams and dat the effect of these cycles on the earth with respect to:

  • Day and night
  • Seasons
  • Changes of temperature during the day and night

Seasonal changes at the North and South poles, latitude of New Zealand, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and the Equator

To be handed in next Monday. The report is your first attempt at using this material. Create your own diagrams and tables. DO NOT cut and paste

Places you will find information include your text book (feel free to use it you have paid for it) wikipedia and youtube.



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