Homework exercise to be handed in tomorrow.

Watch the video of a Boeing 767 take off and then answer the questions that follow. You must show all your working. The best three sets of answers win a Mars bar

First of all watch this clip of a Boeing 767 take off. Start timing as the aircraft begins to move and note how many seconds it takes to the point at which it begins to lift off the runway


A Boeing 767 is travelling at 80 metres per second when it takes off.

You have the initial speed (0 metres per second) and the speed at take off.

(1) Calculate the acceleration of the aircraft down the runway. The equation you need is a = (change in speed)/change in time


(4) The aircraft weighs approximately 200,000Kg when it is fully laden. Calculate the net thrust needed to produce this acceleration by using the equation:


Remember to use the correct units in your answer

(3) The shape of the aircraft wing changes as it approaches cloud level. Why is the wing designed to behave in this way.

(4) Use the internet to discover the thrust that the engines on this aircraft actually deliver

You have just designed an aircraft. The length of runways are very similar as are take off speeds. The only thing an aircraft engineer has to do is decide how large the engines have to be…..and you haven’t sat NCEA level 1 physics yet!

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