Introducing the teams.

Team Helicoptinator:Mason Maddox (bot pilot), Jacqeus van Burick, Christopher Trotman, James Whitehouse, Andrew Gill.

Team Topbot: Alesha Murray (bot pilot), Arielle Sullivan, Jason Blakemore, Nicola Summerfield

During a day of intense practise and competition Team Helicoptinator maintained a 100% record to win the event. Team Topbot won their second game in great style and were narrowly edged out in the other two games.

The Road to the Final.

Team helicoptinator agonised a great deal about the value of their helicopter adjustment but in the end it did frustrate the best efforts of the oppostion to score. Team workand good offensive and defensive strategies were the key to their success. They won their three group games, a semi final and the best of three final 2-0.

In the semifinal watch the helicoptinator blue team bot piloted by Mason scoop up the counters and drive them into the corner for a big score.Watch also as the platforms are maneuvered onto their side of the field for extra points

Team helicoptinator won the first two games to take out the best of three final. These games were made more difficult by the fact that lights were dimmed to make the conditions more challenging.

Team topbot had a thrilling win in their second game. Watch how Alesha maneuvers the blue flagged bot with the yellow card on the rear bumper to position the platforms on their side of the arena for extra points. She followed this up by scoring with counters in the corners. Good strategies and teamwork.

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