Sitting for a couple of hours in front of a computer game a great way to learn?

Sim City was one of the first simulation programmes. In the game you are the mayor and chief architect of a city you are responsible for building and manufacturing. You attract SIMs, simulated citizens who build houses, stores factories – generate a tax base that funds the cities finances and allows further development. Perhaps John […]

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I didn’t attend this session but the question posed in the abstract is central to what happens next in new Zealand secondary education. ” What happens to teachers’ practice and our learning settings when we truly consider what it means to be a robust and resilient learner – a learner who follows their interests, is […]

The Ulearn Conference Auckland Wednesday 3d October to Friday 5th October

Ewan McIntosh is a Teacher and Social Media Specialist who is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He speaks internationally leading student and teacher workshops and conferences. As a new technologies research practitioner he has been involved with integrating blogging, podcasting, wikis gaming and other emerging technologies into classroom life from nursery to secondary within the East […]

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