Rate of Reaction including particle size and catalysts

Homework due Thursday April 7 Read the complete presentation on Rates of Reaction. (concentration, temperature, catalysts and particle size) I strongly advise that you take time to watch the videos on the effects of concentration, temperature and catalysts on the rate of reaction. It is important to have a mental picture of how these investigations are […]

Writing fully balanced chemical equations

Look at the presentation then complete the worksheet on fully balanced chemical equations. It is due Thursday next week. See me today at lunch or Wednesday lunch next week for help if you are having difficulties. Use your text book as well. Homework fully balanced chemical equations. Due Thursday 31 March   Previous posts on […]

The factors affecting rates of chemical reactions

The notes for this part of the course will help you with the homework activities.   Homework activity due in Thursday 24 March period 1. Answers can be taken  from the course notes in the presentation. The homework is designed  to allow you to practise answering questions on this topic using the correct chemical language. Link […]

Acids and bases AS 90944

Properties of acids Weak acids have a sour taste Acids change the colour of indicators such as phenolphthalein, litmus and universal indicator. Acids react with certain metals to form hydrogen gas (zinc, magnesium, aluminium ,iron and other reactive metals but not copper) and a salt Acids react with carbonates and hydogen carbonates (old fashioned name […]

Year 9 Science: Living things.

Have a look at the notes on Mrs Gren Try to answer these questions Nutrition is different for plants and animals. Can you explain why? What is a tendril Respiration is not the same as breathing. Can you explain? This is a difficult one. Wasps eat Monarch caterpillars in early summer because they need protein. […]

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