sodium and chlorine react

Work through The Introduction to the Periodic Table Prezi then check your understanding using the auto graded test.

The test asks for an email address. Complete this field if you want feedback on the questions you answered correctly. When you click submit at the end of the test you should receive an email with the results. This a faster process than waiting for me to mark test scripts!!

By the end of this unit you should know:

  • what the atomic number and mass number of an element is.

  • how elements are arranged on the periodic table.

  • what Periods and Groups are.

  • the physical and chemical properties of the group 1 metals.

  • the physical properties of group 17 elements.

  • the physical properties of group 18 elements

  • that sodium and chlorine react violently together.

  • that elements in the same group have similar properties. WHY!

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