Level 1 Science As 90940 Mechanics for experts the bloodhound project

Only attempt this work if you have completed the homework in the post before this and want a tougher challenge

Read about the engineering problems associated with the bloodhound project and the attempt to beat the air speed record on the ground. Yes travel faster on the ground than we can travel in the air.

Now tackle some rudimentary engineering calculations using information about the car.


  1. Calculate the average acceleration over 42 seconds. You will need to convert the speed to metric units.
  2. Then calculate the unbalanced force that would produce this acceleration.
  3. Estimate the average frictional forces opposing motion.
  4. Discuss all the frictional forces, some are helpful some are not
  5. Discuss any assumptions made when you calculate the average frictional forces opposing motion. Are they realistic?
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