Year 10 2013 end of year exam revision

The end of year exams are looming. It is important that you finish the year strongly and don’t switch off early. Read through the notes and watch the videos on acids and bases before attempting the questions at the end

We have studied the reactions of acids with:

  • bases
  • metals
  • carbonates

We have used word equations to produce fully balanced chemical equations in three steps. For a little more information on this process have a look at this post about the space shuttle being blasted into orbit on the back of  a huge pop test.

the basic word equations we use are:

acid     +     base                      —–>     salt     +     water

acid     +     metal                    —–>     salt     +     hydrogen

Acid     +    carbonate               —–>    salt      +     carbon dioxide     +      water

Use these word equations to answer the questions below.

Redox chemistry exercises

Watch each video then attempt the following:

  • record any observations made during the reaction
  • Explain how the observations for each reaction relates to the species involved
  • Write balanced half and overall reactions

Hand in your work tomorrow for checking. At the very least you should be able to complete the observations

(1) A redox reaction between copper metal and 50% nitric acid containing nitrate ions

(2) A redox reaction between chlorine and and iron(II) ions

(3)Redox reaction between dichromate ions and sulphite ions.

(4) A redox reaction between chlorine and iodide ions

Year 10 Genetics revision 2013

How to prepare for the end of unit test

The end of unit test in Genetics will be on Monday (10TM) or Tuesday (10BC). Work through the tutorials at your own pace stopping the video to answer questions before moving on to view the correct answers  Make sure that you ask about any difficulties you experience during your study. You will need to prepare thoroughly to achieve the best result. This topic contains a lot of material.



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